Causality that shapes the mobile landscape | Barney Style |
Monopoly on Money. You might as well get used to that mischaracterization. It's going to get used to the point of ad nauseam, and it's going to be followed by verbiage like: Tax evasion Child Slave labor iSheep Injustice Some people will buy into it and some people won't. It depends on how sensitive your head is to the stupid. -Jason Yeaman This is part 1 of 3 in a beginner series that compares and contrasts the different strategies deployed by Smartphone makers, and the impact those decisions made on shaping the current mobile landscape. If you were ever curious as to why things are the way they are but didn't want to dive into granularity, I hope to make it a little easier for the neophyte to digest. In this first installment (Part I of III) we are going to analyze OEM's at the hardware platform level, in the context of the current state of the marketshare and financial components. This is specifically exclusive to the smartphone segment of mobile technology. In Part II