The Alternate Facts for Team Trump don't look good | Politics |
Inane inauguration numbers: Pictures do not lie The Associated Press Look, this isn't difficult. Obama on top, Trump on the bottom. Two pictures. Same day. There is no denying they are not equal. The Guardian Even the people whose ass we had to kick...twice...could see that Trump (left) and Obama (right) had dissimilar crowd numbers. It's kind of confusing, because in England, the pictures are side-by-side. Probably because of how the gravity is different over there. Or maybe because they are on the side of the earth instead of the America. British Broadcasting Corp Again, the Brits get it right. When 2 Brits (BBC and The Guardian) who probably don't even know each other, report the same thing and take the same side-by-side photos (the whole gravity thing again), showing Trump left, and Obama right, it's getting pretty grim for team Trump. Doesn't Trump know the British have a Queen? Queens have some kinda special blood or something...that tells them they are