The ~$2000 TaghIntOogle watch will compete with Watch |
( /AFP/Getty Images) Tag Heuer, Intel and Google have announced a Vaporware joint venture to compete with the Watch. According to the San Jose Mercury News, a Tag Heuer designed, Intel powered wearable upon which Android Wear will deploy should be out 'sometime this year' and will have a price point in the $500-$2000 range. This would remove any doubt that Google is somewhat concerned about their current wearable line-up from both the feature set and fashion side perspectives. It is both good and bad for the Android faithful. The good side is, if you haven't invested in an Android Wear powered wearable, something quality is hopefully on the way. The bad side is, if you will likely find the development roadmap for your wearable has just been tossed in the bit bucket, and it's life-cycle has been significantly reduced. Google and their OEM/Carrier partners are historically notorious dropping support for current devices on the market for their perceived 'sell-ability'.