Slate Canyon Sunset 15APR18 | Drones |
Provo, Utah I had dinner with my wife's folks in Provo last Sunday, so I had the opportunity to spend some time at Slate Canyon with the Spark. Flying this close to the mountains provides the opportunity to get some altitude that would not otherwise be safe because of the 400 ft. AGL restriction on UAS operation. But being at the base of a natural structure provides the environment to stretch the ceiling of the Spark, and I had no problems getting to 1.6k ft. max ceiling. While I was here, I executed a few of the Sparks other photo modes like the shallow focus, 360 pano and AEB bracket besides capturing video footage. Sunset Looking out over Provo from the elevated position of the Slate Canyon Trailhead and having the ability to get in the air for the sunset was great. Here is a view of the canyon opposite the sunset on the horizon: 360 Pano Getting a decent 360 from the Spark can be hit and miss. The Go4 app stitching isn't very good at times. It is a bit of an annoyance that you