Shots I wouldn't have normally gotten if I had not been recording | Drone Photography |
Pushing the button is hard. I don't consider myself a "photographer". I know a few who have been at it a long time and I admire their work and creativity. Casey Grimley and Gary Pack come to mind. These are the guys who understand light, position, settings, tricks and hacks (light painting) and of course the places to go to get great photos. I like taking photos and video, but I'm still trying to figure out what works best. Understanding how the light, shutter and white balance settings work. I try to stay out of auto mode as much as possible. But every time I think I get a good shot, I find that the shutter fired too late (because of latency) and what I saw in the viewport wasn't exactly what the drone was seeing at the time. Cheating So I can resort to still frame extraction from videos I have recorded that really cool things happened while I was obvious to any single target due to focusing on the gimbal pitch, elevation and position in the lateral plane. There are different ways