Random Acts: Kiarra Dalley and The Piano Guys |
Keyriah I met Kiarra Dalley in late 2008. I had just moved to Utah from Texas and my new girlfriend, Melinda Ogden, suggested I drive with her from northern Utah to St. George (which is in southern Utah) to meet her sister and brother-in-law, their new baby Kiarra and the rest of their family. A few years later, I married Melinda and one of the the best benefits of that marriage was the extended family I had just gained. Brothers and Sisters, neices and nephewes and a Mom and Dad to compliment my blood related Father, mother and brother. Speaking of gaining extended family by marriage...there were so many of them. My wife has 6 siblings. Most have kids, but the Dalley's have a lot of kids. My oldest daughter Brielle and Kiarra were close as children. Brielle couldn't say, "Kiarra" and chose the name, "Keyriah" for her favorite cousin. Since then, Kiarra has always been Keyriah to me. Keyriahs sisters and brother have always been close to their Aunt Mindy. While we lived in Oklahoma