Photos from 09JUL18 | Drone video |
Pine View, Ogden Canyon, and Antelope Island July 9th, 2018 July 9th, I spent all day with the Spark. Perfect flying days don't come around often. Good temperature, no wind and light wispy clouds in the sky. It was probably the best day I have had on 4 (charging in the Spark while driving) batteries. Unfortunately, it was the last day I would have with Spark 3, after it went in the water. I wasn't too disappointed. I've done this twice before and I know what to expect. Besides - it really won't be long before I'm up in the air again. Durability The Spark is a tough-as-nails mini-drone. Sometimes. About a week after I got my second Spark, I crashed it into the side of the house at about 15 feet because I'm too stupid to remain cognizant of the inverted lateral controls needed when the aircraft is facing you. It was completely fine. Another day on another drone, I was flying in Sport Mode along the edge of the beach when a grip of birds hiding in the brush decided to bolt: Propellor