Life 360 |
The first time I saw a the result of a 360 sphere view camera, I knew I had to be part of that technology. Not only because it is anchored in mobile visual engagement because it connects the consumer to the image via MEMS sensors like the gyroscope, but because I love photography. I'm just not good at it. That's fine. I'm not good at a quite a few things. That's why I like technology. Because engineering can augment a little bit of skill to make it look like talent. And when you hold a device that takes an image of the entire viewable space, its tough to take a bad shot. Tech can bring you to the level that talent will never allow you to go. Mobile tech will allow you to take it everywhere. Some advise to give it time...well that just takes too much time. So, I went out looking for a 360 camera. These are cameras with 2 opposing sensors or a sensor on a rotating arm to capture the entire viewable space. Some post processing, stitching and distortion are added to give it a spherical