Less-Than-Lethal? drones launch for Law Enforcement |
When the first page of legislation begins describing 'law-enforcement' and 'unmanned aircraft systems', you know you are in for something special. Of course there are going to be knee-jerk reactions to a bill that has anything to do with drones and law-enforcement. There might be well thought out opinions on how this could be both good and bad for citizens. And then there are going to be straight-ridiculous claims from outlets quoting the tin-foil hat wearing crazies of the Internets. So when the Verge decided to report a click-bait piece, based on what will no doubt get propagated on headlines like 'Police can use drones armed with tasers', I had to get this vetted. I don't know if anyone at the Verge has actually ever piloted a drone, or if they have some fantastic imagination of what para-military technology is like...realistically. But the average public schooled knucklehead would take issue with such jackassery. While tasing someone or deploying any LTL/OTL