iPhone 7 0-100 battery charge time | Video analysis |
From Nadir to Zenith Why portable energy is complicated Mobile computer engineering and design is a tough business. There are many different factors that go into creating a good product in the scope of mobile technology. Factors such as form factor, or the size of the device, computing speed, native and cloud based data storage, sensors, radios...the list is long and continues to grow as the state of technology continues to progress in capability while shrinking in physical size. While each OEM designs their products around the current demands of the market, a strategic vision needs to be applied to the roadmap that defines where that product line will be in the future. Sometimes 2 or even 3 years ahead. Forecasting electronics technology capabilities and limitations has its own slew of factors: diminishing materials, environmental restrictions, unforeseen health risks, disruptive discovery and invention and obsolescence. These are only a few of the factors that are taken into