Insane ingenuity: Layton Utah solution to freeway off ramp traffic | Drone Video |
Crazy is a gift. What causes traffic congestion on off ramp intersections? You said cars. And you're right. There are too many cars in large cities that use the freeway to get to the places they want to go. Cars get on and off the freeway using ramps that are controlled by traffic lights. Most of these lights are timed, do not take into account traffic trending and fail to use AI algorithms or even microwave sensors that detect how much traffic is waiting in any given lane. So too many cars is certainly a big part of the problem. But that's the easy answer. One of the best solutions to keep congestion from occurring at freeway on ramps and off ramps is how many traffic lights there are in close proximity of the intersections that connect to these off-ramps. The most effective solution would be to place traffic light directed intersections as far away from the off ramp as possible. But since these intersections have been historically placed very close to the freeway off-ramps,