Huawei contemplates the eject button for Android |
Huawei prepares to ditch Android In Q4 of last year, Huawei acquired Abigail Brody, Apples creative director in UI design. She is now VP and Chief UX Designer (User Experience), tasked with making the Huawei user interface less Appliciously flat, and more in tune with the card card-centric philosophy of UI, like in Googles material design. Brody is reportedly planning to change these for brighter tones including blues and whites, and is looking to animals like jellyfish for inspiration. Dialer The data presentation of EMUI Dialer, Caller and Recent calls Panels Settings The EMUI settings panel The Information Huawei will ditch Android and develop its own mobile operating system The effort is based in Scandinavia and "includes ex-Nokia employees." Huawei's recently-hired ex-Apple mobile UI design lead Abigail Brody didn't comment on the project in an interview with The Information, but she did acknowledge its existence saying that she plans to meet the team in August of this