How to | Make a Super Sparkly Christmas Snowman with Apple networking components |
Did you know you can make a super sparkly Christmas decoration with Apple stuff you already own? I started doing this a few years ago. It does require some knowledge of physics. The really complicated rules of physics. Rules like gravity. But with some luck and a little help from me...themobileguru, you will have an Apple Network Snowman up very little time. Y'all ready? Here we go: First, we must find common ground on what a snow'man' really is. Keep in mind it doesn't have to be a 'man'. Feminists can have an Apple Snow-woman if they choose. To be honest, this project doesn't include documentation to the level of specificity that gender is even relevant. I call it a 'snowman' because it is difficult for me to spell 'snow-woman' due to auto-correct. I am not lying about this. I went to public school. Behold: To avoid impropriety, we need to call it a snow something. If we are too