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Silent Citcle is what Google could have been if Android was customer focused first. Even though their devices and subscriptions are geared toward the mobile enterprise, their philosophy and the Apple philosophy about why the Administrator of mobile enterprise devices should be user-centric in the areas where private user information is stored, where Google's Android is IT controlled (hence 'Spaces' on Black Phone 2) and privacy and security are dependent upon IT not violating the privacy rights of the user. Under the hood Black phone runs Android. It's hardened Android….but it is still Android and because they have no control over how the direction of the AOSP is steered, their offerings will still always be based on what Google hands everyone else in lieu of privacy and security technologies at the operating system level. BP2 includes SC's voice and messaging apps, and other apps running on their hardened skin of Android. App Distribution They curate their own App Store. So they