Here is why the Note 7 was exploding | Video |
The batteries did it, but maybe not because the batteries were bad Samsung released a video that...kinda...touches on why the Galaxy Note 7 was combusting. Both of their sources for the battery had catastrophic design flaws. One because the electrodes of the battery in the uppper right hand corner could be compacted and consequently the negative and positive terminal could be shorted, and in the other, an, 'abnormal weld could cause an internal short circuit.' It is completely baffling that of the entire length of the two minute and fourteen second video, only 14 seconds talks about what actually happened. And that 14 seconds was so vague, it doesn't even answer how it could be possible. Because if you have never taken apart a Note 7, you wouldn't know how Samsung designed the battery compartment. This is the cell design of the Note 7 with an emphasis in the upper right hand corner. Like most non user-serviceable batteries, it doesn't have a protective shell or a hermetically sealed