Here is an awesome Apple News hack everyone can use! |
How is that for link bait? News Not too long ago in the past few hours, the domain became resolvable. I've been working with Developer Support on a project with RSS and yesterday the link was bit being propagated bu DNS, but you can get to it now. The News app is going to be a big hit this fall. At the moment the url points to the Apple News app announcement on, and seems to have an ssl cert that isn't configured properly: Here is something cool about ios 9, Application 'back to'. Whenever an application gives a pass thru 'open in' option, you can go back to it that there than having to invoke the task switcher. In this case, I also have one to open in the Apple News app. If if you are interested in getting a glimpse of iOS 9, go here and enroll for the public beta. Apple Beta Software Program