Grooming your iOS 9 update | Low power mode |
Have you ever been on the last few electrons stored up in your iPhone battery and wish that it would just know what to focus on right now so you could get a few tasks done before you can provide a recharge? Enter Low-power mode circa iOS 9. Low-power mode wasn't invented by Apple. It's not new to the mobile space. Each mobile device OEM has their own recipe for operations during the last 20% of your charge. Here are some of the things that happen to your iPhone during low-power mode: Brightness dims CPU down-clocks in speed App-refresh in the background stops Automatic updates and downloads cease Mail stops auto fetch Animations degrade What does this sacrifice in performance give you? A boost in battery life. A huge boost. Up to 45% more. #How do I set it up? Here, you will see the toggles for low power mode and battery percentage. Sliding the toggle here will manually place your handset in low power mode. You can tell you are in