Google skated out of $3.6 Billion in taxes | The District |
We don't have a taxation problem in the United States... Nay. what we a spending problem. I might seem a little off in this opinion - backing the Goog. But this isn't about privacy. It's about government spending and skyrocketing taxes. And let me clue you in on a little secret: When politicians vilify corporations for not, "paying their fare share...", they don't pay any taxes. You do. Let me say that again: Corporatins don't pay any taxes. You do. That's because corporations pass the tax burden onto the consumer. So after the government takes 40% of your income in taxes, you take what's left and buy something from Apple or Google. Their products and services are price-inflated because of the 35% corporate tax rate. So it's you that doesn't pay your fair share in taxes...according to politicians. According to Bloomberg: Alphabet moves the bulk of its non-U.S. profits through this Dutch subsidiary, which has no employees. The company has used the Netherlands company since