Google Fibber comes to Salt Lake City |
Google Fiber, the fiberglass based IP infrastructure construction and internet services arm tentacle of Google, has publicly announced their next geographical site for harvesting private key-point data from those who choose to bite on their super-fast glass-kicking internet service. Google Fibber is incredibly fast, it's symmetrical (which means Google will be able to upload your user data just as fast as you can download their YouTube videos) and its Direct Fiber. I was fortunate enough to have been able to experience Google Fibber from a home network solution standpoint, setting up network gear for some great folks in Provo. This isn't fiber-to-the-curb or node. This is the authentic "glass-up-your-***" Direct fiber. That means the glass comes into your house and gets transduced under your roof. That also means it isn't shared nor distributed to the last foot by copper. It's the highest quality fiber connection (for the average consumer) that you can get. I have read about the first