Fake Galaxy Note 7 WIFI SSID disrupts Virgin flight | The Stupid |
Apparently, even the text string "Galaxy Note 7" isn't allowed on flights. BBC is reporting that some Mensa decided to board a plane with a wireless device broadcasting an SSID named, "Samsung Galaxy Note 7_1097", causing a disruption mid-flight. This caused the crew to become concerned as Galaxy Note 7's have the propensity to spontaneously explode and have been banned on all flights, and its use is even banned in some countries. Of course, there is always someone around to tweet about things: This is your Captain speaking: It wasn't until the bus driver threatened to divert the flight and told everyone they were going to search every bag for the non-existent Note 7, that the genius came forward and admitted it was his broadcast, but it wasn't a real Note 7. The Stupid: it burns.