The evolution of Maps for iOS. |
When maps for iOS was released in iOS 6, there was no excuse for the lack of consistency in the user experience. Clearly, there was exceptional effort placed into getting the large metro areas processed but ignoring rural areas, a lack of attention to detail, the poor decision to release an unfinished product and the inability to accept responsibility despite being the DRI, Scott Forrestall his job. During the iOS 6 beta, I had an outstanding user experience with Maps for iOS. Living in Dallas and vacationing in Newport Beach, I was quite impressed with the quality of 3D buildings, the ultra smooth visual progression of the map scroll and accuracy of the turn-by-turn directions. Then back home in Dallas, the turn-by-turn in 3D with the non-textured building models was equally impressive. Of course this isn't what made the news when it was released. Everyone led with the Golden Gate bridge fail, and completely dismissed the beauty of the application when it's purpose was utilized: