DJI Spark Auto Exposure Bracketing | Drone Photography |
How to get HDR results from the Spark on mobile Despite the jpg-only limitation while shooting photos with the Spark, it is still quite possible to get a good HDR photo without having to transfer photos to a Mac or PC and working in popular software like Light Room. There are some great mobile applications that can accomplish a similar result. 2 (iOS) apps that I use are Affinity Photo by Serif Labs (an iPad only app that also has a macOS version) and Pro HDR X from eyeApps which is a universal app. The premise behind Sparks AEB function is a bracket of 3 photos which are captured every time you take a photo. One is over exposed, one is normal and one is under exposed:Once you have the bracket completed, just import them into your app of choice and you can adjust the final image to include the best parts of all three: