Criteria to include in your decision making when buying tech for your kids |
I make ZERO excuses for my disdain for Android the way Google has deployed it. I have tried to give folks explanations as to why I am a 'hater', but rarely is the point taken. The reality is, I like an operating system for mobile devices. But I don't like the way Google has morphed it into infrastructure for advertising, and I don't like the way they treated the creator of Android: Andy Rubin. In my interactions with folks who are leaning on purchasing Android based technology for kids, I really do my best to present an objective argument at keep my shilling for Apple at bay. For example: Quora: Buying Android for kids There were a couple of options I could have suggested as alternatives, but rather direct him to those, I left it at that. The outcome was positive, in my opinion. A week or so later, I was notified of the response: INFORMATION FOR DECISION MAKING You will be presented with a multitude of choices for gifts for your kids this