Battle of the Assistants: iPhone VS Pixel |
Siri and Google Assistant side-by-side Show me pictures of cats... -Marques Brownlee On the left side, hailing from Cupertino...Siri. On the right...Google Assistant from Mountain View. An iPhone 7 Plus and a Pixel XL, respectively. History It is amazing how far mobile AI products and Virtual Assistants have come since 2011. I remember the day I left work at EnterpriseMobile for lunch to pick up my iPhone 4S. When I brought it back to the lab, I recorded the following video: Funny and entertaining at best back then, Siri - despite her shortcomings - has come a long way. But the iPhone wasn't built around Siri the way that Pixel has been forged from a Google Assistant-centric feature. This is another significant difference in philosophy of mobile technology deployment to the consumer between Apple and Google. Comparison Marques Brownlee has put together a great side-by-side comparison video of how these two technologies respond to human voice commands and