Android owners: Lack of privacy is killing your battery and consuming your data plan |
The following link: ABSTRACT AND INTRODUCTION TO ANDROID APPLICATION COVERT COMMUNICATIONS will provide you with a audible read of a portion of the MIT document and its authors. It includes their names, the abstract and the introduction. This will provide a primer for the following article. For the complete document, see the instructions at the end of the article. -Jason Yeaman I went to public school so I'm not sure who MIT is. I think he was that Mormon who lost the presidential election to BARAK. Apparently, he also analyzes covert communications that Android applications send and receive that have no impact on the functionality of the app. Even if the connections are blocked and the port cannot transmit or receive covert data streams...the Application has no degradation in usability. DEFINING THE TERMS One of the metrics I found the most disturbing, is how often it happens based in the methodology used. First let's define a: Covert communication