★Which would be better for a home networking solution — Ruckus or Luxul? |
Ruckus is about 3x the cost -- is it worth it? Having a good home network is very important to me. Jason Yeaman, Ruckus is a managed network solution. How many nodes do you have? If you are interested in home control of lighting and environmental systems, wait for ios8, HomeKit might be all you need, get a time capsule an maybe an extreme as well if you have a big house. Home networking doesn't need management. Anonymous I don't know what you mean by nodes. I have a large apartment (4000 ft). 2 people live there. I do NOT want home control of everything, just very reliable Wifi. Should I get Ruckus, or Luxul or something else? Jason Yeaman What are the devices in your place comprised of? Mobile? Portable? Do you require the need to access resources in your home while you are away? Do you want to host media services for yourself like have a media server? All of these things are easy. Reliability comes from the design and configuration of the