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DISCOVER THE POWER OF DIVINE LIFE Purchase the 8 CD Series or Purchase the 8 MP3 Series Jesus was one with God. He had the same quality of life possessed by the Father. As believers in Jesus, we are qualified to experience that same quality of life. It is a life that is only experienced in Him— not something we receive from Him! Much of what has been taught about faith revolves around getting what we want from God. By pursuing the things of this life, we miss out on the greatest treasure of all: how to be one with God just as Jesus was one with Him. Finding Divine Life teaches us how to become one with God and all He has to offer. End the constant effort to get what you need from God Stop using your faith to escape the trouble in your path Discover the secret of being where God is and living the same quality of life He is living Experience what Jesus meant when He said His burden is easy and light Finding Divine Life will take you to a portal into another dimension where God and all His resources become your new life. Walk through the door and discover the power of Divine Life! Please click the product Description Tab below for more information!