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Living in Austria - Living in Austria, large house on Alpe Adria Trail and 30 km from Grossglockner Very spacious house (with Hauptwohnsitz). The house is built in southern European style (dolomite style). For the plot of the house is a spacious driveway, the garden runs from the front along the side of the house down to the back, this is a spacious garden with lots of privacy and views of the mountains. In the garden in front there is enough space to park, on the side there is a terrace and behind a large garden with grass sods. The plot of land is 3162 m², there is enough space for several cars to park on it's own land. The house has a spacious cozy living room with wood stove, large gemütliche living kitchen, 6 bedrooms, 1 walk-in closet (as large as other bedrooms), 2 toilets, 2 bathrooms, 2 balconies, a huge attic that as a studio / apartment / additional bedrooms can serve. The house is also for more than half of the basement with a boiler room, storage space and garage / work stats. The house was built in 1963 and has been well maintained over the years and renewed where necessary. For example, the whole house has windows with double glazing, a hypermodern wood and / or oil fired combi boiler. The Wood / Oil fired combi boiler; when you burn oil, you can provide hot water and the heating system is heated. When you burn in the kitchen on wood, you also have hot water, hot heating plates and you can cook at the same time. The system is computer-controlled, and programmable. There is also an electric stove in the kitchen. The roof / roof tiles have been renewed in August 2009. The new roof tiles are from Tondach, this manufacturer gives 30 years warranty. Asking price house € 239,000, - k.k. The plot of land has a private driveway with ample parking in front of the barn. Behind the stable is a spacious garden with fruit trees and 2x a wood storage and a lower meadow which is accessible via a path. The meadow below borders a plot of a further 2000m² which is already more than 50 years in use by the owners. This plot lies on a flowing river, the Möll. Trees file; apple trees, various types of plum trees, cherry tree, oak, hazelnut, Hollunder. The house is in the sunniest province of Austria, Carinthia. Here you can enjoy extremely long summers, but you can also ski or snowboard on the glacier for 10 months a year. The village of Stall in Mölltal is very centrally located. You can retreat here, but in no time you are on the Grossglockner the highest mountain in Austria, the Mölltaler glacier, sun town Lienz, Mallnitz, Spittal or ..... Italy. At the foot of the largest nature park; the Hohe Tauern makes nature surprise you every day. The house is located on the Alpe-Adria Trail. Living in Austria is very attractive for so many reasons. It is a lot safer, cheaper in livelihood, schools are smaller so that there is more attention for the child. You can see nature here again because the most fantastic sports you can practice outside, mountain biking, canyoning, hiking, mountaineering tour skiing, parasailing and much more. ImmoWatcher Real Estate announcements