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I M MxI N T E R N A T I O N A L W O M E N ‘ S D A YToday, around the world we celebrate a future towards equality and reflect back on the achievements we have made. Here at IMM, we cheer on all the girl boss’ out there and what better way to show our appreciation than hearing from some of our family on what being a woman in 2019 means to them. That doesn’t come without the support from our boys too, as we believe that everyone should be in support of the women in their life and what day is better for reflecting on our loved ones than today. We all arrived on set ready to make something meaningful with the core value of our women’s day project at heart. We wanted to show a connection with the girls and guys by tying styling in together with clothing from PINKINK VINTAGE and styling by Holly Cudby. We asked the girls what they felt about being a woman and what was important to them with a recurring response that its all about empowerment, love and the freedom to be who you want, whenever you want to be.Both Sarah and Jake set out to photograph the models showcasing empowerment and strong will from everyone on set. With the day almost over it was time to bring everyone together for the final take. There was a sense of happiness on set with everyone hyped from start to finish whilst remembering the important message of why everyone came together for this campaign. H A P P Y I N T E R N A T I O N A L W O M E N ' S D A Y IMM TEAM x