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#IMM GIRLSdoABOUTMonki takes shopping for great fashion to a whole new level with its colourful stores and active social media community. With a design DNA mixing Scandi cool with the energy of Asian street style, Monki creates on-trend lifestyle collections for young women so there is no surprise that we love working with the brand and providing them the faces of IMM.Monki’s first store opened in 2006 in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, where the brand is still based today. Monki joined the H&M group in 2008. Today, the brand is present in markets across Europe and Asia. Monki’s 100th store opened 2015 in Shanghai.MONKI CARESIn recent years, Monki made a main goal of theirs to move to sustainable sourced materials in their collections.Monki Cares which is a signature logo they go by which talks about the more sustainable choice they wanted to make by 2020 for the idea to source 100% sustainable sourced cotton– but guess what? They got there early.What is sustainable sourced cotton? It is cotton produced methods that reduce the environmental footprint in a significant way and improve cotton production as a whole. It includes organic cotton, recycled cotton and Better Cotton. Read more (HERE) for more information on this topic.The aim is to help support an ongoing change in the cotton industry, that is better for the environment and the people who produce the cotton. That's not only what they are getting up to when it comes to helping the planet.Keep an eye out on more of their initiatives: recycled polyester, recycled wool or recycled plastic over on their website.MONKI MODELS #IMM GIRLS E M I L Y. L PROFILEB L I S SPROFILES A S H A . VPROFILEV A N E S S A. PPROFILEJ E S S I C A. KPROFILETEAM IMMxox