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B A R C E L O N A by BARNEYHere we are again with another model escaping the cold weather and the UK to explore another city to see what it has to offer within the modelling agency. And today we have the lovely Barney who is on our Commercial Board who ventured out to Barcelona, Spain for a month.See below what he had to say about the amazing city.FOODWhat is the food like in Barcelona/best place/restaurant you have been too?For me one of the highlights of my times in Barcelona has always been the food. Generally, even picking something up on the go is good quality and reasonably priced. Of course being on the coast means an array of sea food and most places close to the beach knock out a decent paella. Breakfast or brunch wise Firebug was my favourite place and after recommending it to some of the boys for Sonar festival they visited 2 or 3 times in a week. For dinner Bodega 1900 in the gothic quarter offers a traditional tapas set up which had to be my personal highlight food wise. DRINKS/NIGHTLIFEBest place to have drinks (if you drink) or what the nightlife is like there. Any bars will offer you a decent pint of estrella or cocktails. However, the more you head away from the main tourist traps the cheaper it becomes. I didn’t really hit any clubs as I was gym and work focused but on previous trips I’ve hit the beach front clubs which were pumping. For a change of scenery get a train for 40 minutes out of barca to sitges which has a vibrant feel in the day as well as many weekend festivals and clubs. PLACES TO VISITBest places to visit if you’re a tourist?La safrada Familia would have to be my highlight in terms of tourist attractions. I chose the audio guide tour option (about 20 euros ) and looked around at my own pace which I think suited me better than being in a huge group. Even though I am not massively into architecture anyone can appreciate the scale and history of the building. I’ve also visited the Olympic park which was a good walk from the city but worth it. There are unrivalled views of the whole city from the top! One afternoon I visited the zoo which was pretty good. Whilst not the greatest zoo there were still a wide selection of animals and loads of information on them. CASTINGSWhat are the castings like in Barcelona? Are they any different to London/or anywhere else you’ve cast?Casting wise was very different to anywhere I have worked! As my look is commercial and the advertising market in Europe is pretty cheesy the castings I went to reflected this. Be prepared to dance, mime, act out scenarios alone or with other models and then the standard introduction and shots too. Often castings are done in groups so other people watch you cast which was strange to begin with but helpful in a sense too. Overall casting was similar but different, but sometimes very different! Stay tuned for more #AllThingsTravel from our IMM guys and girls.IMM TEAMoxo