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S Y D N E Yby BELLAThere's a model down under! IMM Model Bella G made the jump to move to Australia for a few months. As Bella has been placed in London and Miami with Next Models, it wasn't going to be long until this little jet setter was going to hit another amazing city and living the Aussie life. FOOD What is the food like in Australia/best place/restaurant you been too since being there?I truly believe that the food in Sydney is the best in the world. It caters for all diets so it’s very easy to be vegan there. Generally, the food in Sydney is very healthy no matter where you go. I was even convinced that McDonald’s had healthier burgers than the ones you find anywhere else!There is a famous 24-hour pancake place called ‘pancakes on the rocks’. As it’s always open, people often go there after nights out and binge on a stack of pancakes. Personally, my favourite restaurant was COOH in Alexandria. It is an open space and has a beautiful layout. They do amazing dishes that all have these unique blends of flavour. Not to sound like a food critic, but these flavours are to die for and have the perfect balance of spices. Another famous place to eat in Alexandria is called the ‘Gardens of Alexandria.’ At this restaurant, there are tables under a giant vineyard and it has a very farm-like feel to it. There are even pigs freely wondering around that you can pet. As it’s near the water, the fish in Sydney is amazing. There is a very under rated Chinese restaurant in the food court of Grand Central Mall that does the best barramundi in the world. This is a fish that you generally can’t find in other countries. It’s basically cod but with more flavour! If you like tacos, there is an awesome restaurant on Bondi beach, or in Kings cross, called ‘The Taco Hut.’ It has a cool beach vibe and does great food! Last but definitely not least, Sydney is famous for its chocolate cafes. They have many scattered around but my favourite is Max Brenner. They sell everything from fondants to waffles to milkshakes that have crunchy, frozen chocolate ice cream splodged on top and dripping down the sides. DRINKS/NIGHTLIFEBest place to have drinks (if you drink) or what the nightlife was like there?I’m not big on beer, but there is a fun experience on Argyle street that you can have. In Endeavour Tap rooms, you can get your own beer paddle with ten samples. Some of them are pretty gross (if I were you, I’d avoid the black ones) but some of them have interesting tastes! If you happen to have the into app, the paddle is completely free and you get a bucket of chicken wings. I personally couldn’t eat it but my friends were always happy to. Who wouldn’t like free food? Sydney isn’t huge on its night life. In fact, it’s much more Australian to go to a house party. That being said, I found that the best club was ‘The Ivy.’ It has three levels and the top has an indoor swimming pool. They have weekly pool parties, and some of them take place during the day. The other popular clubs are home bar and world bar. Most places close at 2am, so it’s better to start your night early and not make the same mistake that I did! When I first moved there, I didn’t know about the ‘early’ closing times. This meant that on Valentine’s Day, my friend and I ended up in a strip club to get drinks because it was the only place left open! If you really want a good night out, take a weekend in the Gold Coast. It’s only an hour’s flight from Sydney and flying is as common as taking the train out there! It’s supposed to have some of the best clubs in the world. The Gold Coast is also big on surfing and has some great theme parks if you want something fun to do during the day. PLACES TO VISITWere there plenty of things to do there/ did you get the chance to visit many places whilst there?There are so many outdoor activities in Sydney but I’m going to give you a few secrets that’ll save you money and give you the best experience that you can have! Of course, Australia is famous for its wildlife. It’s got koalas, kangaroos, wallabes and lots of snakes and spiders. That being said, you and I both know that you’d want a picture hugging them all (except maybe the snakes and spiders). Whilst the most popular zoo in Sydney is Taronga, it’s also the most expensive and the koala encounters cost extra. They don’t even let you hold them. The best thing that you can do is to go to a koala sanctuary. There are many of them but my favourite is the one in Wahroonga. The sanctuary costs a 10th of the price of the zoo and, whilst it doesn’t show all the animals that the zoo does, you are allowed to freely go up to the kangaroos and wallabes and pet them/take your own pictures. You can also take pictures with a koala for no extra cost. Taronga zoo is a fun experience because you get to boat there and take a gondola up the hill but I feel as though the sanctuaries are more worth it. Another amazing thing to do in Sydney is to visit the Chinese Garden of Friendship. This was a garden that was created as a form of alliance between China and Australia. It is so beautiful and I definitely forgot that I was in Sydney when I was there. The garden also has a lot of wildlife, including giant lizards and ibis birds! The most famous beach is probably Bondi but I recommend Balmoral. It is a small beach in North Sydney, surrounded by cliffs and clear blue water. There is also a cool rock to take a picture on if you want to pretend to be a mermaid. I have seen many beaches in my life but this is definitely the best. If you get a chance to go, another amazing beach is in Noosa Heads in Queensland. There is a forest on the right with koalas in the trees and a trail that goes down to the shore. Sydney is also famous for its contemporary art museum. I could definitely see what all the fuss was about. Personally, I learned a lot about the aboriginal culture when I was there. It’s a very moving place. CASTINGSWhat are the castings like there? Are they any different to London?Generally, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to castings. They have the same drill as we do in London. The only difference is that you might have to try on clothes for the winter season when it’s Summer (which is very hot). Walking to castings is amazing because you are always surrounded by water, glistening buildings and men playing the didgeridoo (normally it’s just one man, but I’m being dramatic for effect). JOBSAny exciting jobs you got to do in Australia?There was one shoot that I did in Sydney for a vintage company called Lady Macgyver that was really cool. At one point, I was wearing a giant pink and white ball gown that reminded me of the dress that Natalie Portman wears in the Dior advert, where she jumps off the end of a pier into the sea. I told the designer, Michelle Huntington, that the dress reminded me of this advert and she decided to have us film a similar video! I got to run and jump off a pier myself, wearing this ball gown. It was very heavy to swim in but was so much fun. We filmed on a private beach in North Sydney. The coolest casting I did was probably the big one for David Jones. There was a panel of judges that included some of the most prestigious faces in the fashion industry. The room was filled with a hundred models and we all had to walk in front of each other, but it was awesome to meet the casting directors. There were press everywhere, as this is supposedly the ‘Victoria’s secret casting of Australia.’ RECOMMENDWould you recommend Sydney to other models or even just to travel and have a holiday there?Australia is a must see country, whether you are working there or not. The people, weather and culture are so uplifting that everyone always wants to return or stay there for longer. As well as Sydney, there are other amazing trips you can take.Cairns is famous for the Great Barrier Reef and has hot weather all year round, Byron bay is one of the most beautiful locations in the world and Melbourne is basically the London of Australia. The truth is, London and Australia have so much more in common than people think. Even the Transport is equally efficient. It really is like walking upside down (reference to being on the other side of the planet). Thanks for reading!!Bella xStay tuned for more #AllThingsTravel from our IMM guys and girls.IMM TEAMoxo