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Y O U T U B EC H A N N E L search for: IMM ModelsSaida (left) and Holly (right)As you may have noticed, IMM have recently started a YouTube Channel with our lovely models blogging their top beauty tips.So far we have two lovely ladies that have taken the time to show you their best beauty and make-up tips.New face Saida (IMM Profile Here) and Main Board model Holly W (IMM Profile Here).SAIDA A.First up me have the amazing Saida who has the most incredible and flawless skin and if you seen her in person you would think she was a professional make-up artist. Saida has been booked on a lot of beauty shoots which is no surprise with that amazing skin and face.Saida will show you her 5 minute guide to 'casting ready' make-up in the tutorial below. HOLLY W.Next up we have the beautiful English Rose, Holly White showing us how to embrace the natural make-up look.Holly is not only an amazing model but a blogger and writer and boy is she good at it. Go check out her instagram (HERE) for blogs which involve fashion, beauty and mental health.But before you head over to Holly's instagram, go check out her make-up tutorial below.Thanks for watching and keep an eye out for further YouTube videos from our IMM family.IMM TEAMxx