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D A N I R. FOR #LAZY OAFNIGHTWEAR / LINGERIE [AW18]#About: Lazy Oaf Lazy Oaf, started in 2001 by Gemma Shiel and it is a fast growing, creative street wear label that can’t really be compared to any other clothing brand on the market.Lazy Oaf has grown from a simple stall in Spitalfields, where Gemma sold t-shirts that she hand printed in her Dad’s garage. Now she sells her designs out of her flagship boutique in Soho, London. Lazy Oaf are famed for their creative voice; their unique spin on streetwear and their killer collaborations they have with other big brands on the high street and online.Lazy Oaf’s continued strong growth is truly international, with their clothing finding its way into the shopping bags of ever more customers, all over the world. #About: Dani RThe beautiful Dani R is 21 years old and got signed with IMM in 2015 and become a model on the Curve Board at just 16.Dani is not only a model, she is the co-founder and editor of an online creative space called 'The Femme Collective' which she runs with her best friend Grace which is dedicated in increasing gender equality in the music industry.Born in early 2017, 'The Femme Collective' started as a weekly radio show on Wired Radio as a result of disappointment in the representation of women in mainstream media, and issues surrounding gender inequality in the industry which Dani is very passionate about. 'The Femme Collective' consists of a bi-annual zine, a weekly radio slot on Wired Radio, and speciality gig nights in London. We highly recommend you go check the 'The Femme Collective' out by following the link [HERE]To see more of Dani, head over to her IMM page [HERE]IMM TEAMXOX