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G U I D E L I N E Stips from the social media team1# Posting consistently is really important to grow your following – try to have a backlog of content where possible so that you’re never stuck for what to post. 2# Using the stories feature is a great way to keep your followers engaged as it allows your audience to get to know you better. It’s also a good way to interact with other accounts in a natural way. Remember to tag any other models or brands in your stories as it makes it easy for them to repost you in their story which helps with organic growth. 3# Engage with your followers, like or even better reply to their comments. This helps with the algorithm and ensures as many people see your post as possible. 4# If you switch to a business profile (you can list yourself as a model if you do this), Instagram will tell you your ‘insights’ which is basically more information about your followers (ratio of male to female followers, where your followers live and when they are online which is therefore the best time to post to get maximum engagement). 5# Engaging content is really important - use your work surroundings, behind the scenes content goes down really well and helps to tell the ‘story’. Just because being on set and shooting is normal to you, it’s not to most people! Don’t take it too seriously, have fun and show the world the real you. That’s what people find engaging. 6# Don’t edit your post after you have put it up… as we know Instagram is no longer in chronological order, how many people see your post is determined on the engagement it receives when it is first put up. If you edit the caption after it has been posted the algorithm is reset to zero which means less people will see your post. Either delete it and start again or wait a week or so to edit. C L I C K H E R E[@immmodels][@immcurve]Written by: Nikki Borein, Influencers Board BookerThank you,IMM Team