Now I Know What Angels Smell Like - I Am The Kraken
Boy child enters house to pop music playlist blaring and absolute but organized disaster in dining room and kitchen. Kid: Is your mom okay? What’s she doing? 9.75 shrugs: She’s cooking with Millie. Kid, confused: Who’s Millie? She’s alone in there with 300 pounds of tomatoes. 9.75: My great-grandmother. She’s been dead like 20 years. She got here last night. It’s some Italian thing. She just shows up. I think it means everything is gonna be okay. Kid: I thought you’re Irish. 9.75: We are. But not Millie and not my mom. They’re all Italian, and Italians figure their shit out in the kitchen. Just let them work. Kid: Okay, now I know what angels smell like. Facebook Comments Related