Steakfix Maginhawa | Satisfy Your Steak Cravings — How She Wanders
Maginhawa Street is a famous food spot in Quezon City that is filled with exciting food experiences anyone would love to try. This is also the place where we’ve come across a must-try restaurant that’s focused on serving mouthwatering steak dishes. Steakfix is another restaurant to satisfy our ever hungry carnivorous tummies! Food & Price At first, we’re a little skeptic about the food quality because the price is quite cheap for a steak meal. I tried not to expect too much but when meals were served and took my first bite, I was amazed. It did not taste cheap at all. The meals were flavorsome and were served in big portions! What I’m loving about this resto is that every steak meal is even customizable! They have this create-your-steak-platter feature. You can choose which side dishes you want to pair with your steak. For our Hawaiian Chicken Steak, we chose Pesto Linguini & Pizza Margherita. The combination was a delicious complete meal in itself. The chicken was marinated in a delightful marinade that’s bursting with flavors. Every forkful of Pesto Linguini followed by a bite of Pizza Margherita was such a pleasurable treat! We did not go wrong when we picked Salmon Steak Melt from the menu. Even this pricey fish was served in incredible portion without burning a hole through our wallet! We picked Mucha Rice to go along with it. The Steak was topped with melted cheddar cheese and matched perfectly with Mucha Rice. 3-Cheese T-Bone Melt was flavorful but a little tough for a well-done steak. It was topped with melted cheese as well and slices of mushroom. We chose Pizza Margherita to be its partner. To cleanse the palate, drinks served were a pitcher of Basil Lemonade and a glass of Red Wine. Both matched perfectly with every steak meal! Dessert was Rocky Mountain Ala Mode which is a scoop of vanilla ice cream circled with chunks of brownies drizzled with chocolate and caramel syrup. They recently adopted the eat-all-you-can trend so that steak fanatics can also have their fave as much as they can! For the price of 499 Php, you can savor T-Bone Melts, Porkloin, Chicken Steak, and all side dishes. They have a total of 7 side dishes to choose from. I strongly recommend the Pizza Margherita! For a menu that allows you to eat steak meal for as low as 149 Php, and unlimited steak and sides for 499 Php, that’s definitely a good deal! And remember, your plate is fully customizable! Location Steakfix is strategically located at Maginhawa Street which is one of the busiest food scenes in the metro. People frequently flock in this certain area to try different cuisines and food experiences. Waze/Google/Uber/Grab: Steakfix Maginhawa Address: #99 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City Service The staff are very welcoming in a way that won’t intimidate you. They are attentive and quick to respond. I loved that they looked neat and joyful. The service I can say is competitive which is expected for a restaurant standing at a prominent food spot such as Maginhawa Street. Ambiance We went there dinner time and the place still looked bright and vibrant. The restaurant is quite huge comparing to its neighbors. With its floor to ceiling glass windows allowing people to have see-through vision of its interiors from the outside, it kinda attracts customers easily. The interiors are totally artistic with many lightings to keep the area alive. The only thing that I find difficult were the seats as it was a little hassle not having a backrest. More photos for inspiration! How I’d rate this resto Acknowledgement Thank you Ms. Cristina of Steakfix for inviting us! Disclaimer: While our meals were courtesy of the owners, all opinions expressed in this post are my own honest thoughts and are not influenced or controlled by anyone. Related