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Yakiniku, what’s that? Yes, Yakiniku may not be as popular as Samgyeopsal as the latter went along with the KPop and KDrama trend. But not many people do know that Yakiniku (Japanese) is just as enjoyable as Samgyeopsal (Korean) when it comes to the joy of grilling the meat right in front of you while sniffing its mouthwatering aroma. I’m so thankful we found a restaurant that serves eat-all-you-can Yakiniku. Primera Restobar gave us the experience of eating grilled meat, Japanese style! They even partnered it with pizza, pasta, and wings that you can also eat to your heart’s content! Food & Price I appreciate that their menu caters to all people with different eating preferences and budget limitations. They offer: UNLI PACKAGES: 299 Php: Unli Pork Yakiniku 349 Php: Unli Beef Yakiniku 399 Php: Unli Pork & Beef Yakiniku, and Gyoza 499 Php: Unli Pork, Beef & Shrimp Yakiniku (or Shrimp Tempura), and Gyoza All Unli Packages include: ▫️Unli PASTA (Classic Spaghetti & Carbonara) ▫️Unli PIZZA (Cheesy Garlic) ▫️Unli WINGS (Teriyaki Flavor) ▫️Unli RICE ▫️One round of ICED TEA Side Dishes: ▫️Kimchi ▫️Beni Sho-ga (pickled ginger) ▫️Miso Soup (upon request) ▫️Maki ▫️Tofu ▫️Marbled Potatoes ▫️Garlic & onion Marinating Sauces: ▫️Yakiniku Sauce ▫️Teriyaki Sauce ▫️Spicy Sauce ▫️Soy Garlic Sauce But if you still like to eat grilled meat the Korean way, you may add lettuce and cheese with minimal extra charge. ADD-ONS: Unli Lettuce (25/head) Unli Cheese (50/head) Unli Gyoza (50/head for 299 & 349 Package; FREE for 399 & 499 Package) Unli Black Coffee, Iced Tea, Green Tea, Hot Choco (50/head) Awesome part is that you can eat these dishes while waiting for the meat to get cooked! My most favorite is the Tempura as the shrimps were huge and the batter was flavorful but not too salty! I also liked the creaminess of Carbonara, I liked it even more when I paired it with wings! The spaghetti was Italian so it’s a bit sour. The pizza wasn’t photographed as it came late and we forgot to take pictures when it came! Update: Burger is not included anymore in their current menu But how do we eat Yakiniku and how does it differ from Samgyeopsal? Here it is. How to eat Yakiniku Dip the meat in the desired marinating sauce. Available sauces are Yakiniku, Teriyaki, Spicy, and Soy Garlic. Grill the meat for 1 to 2 minutes. You may dip the meat again then eat it with rice and side dishes. It’s just like Samgyeopsal except that the meats are not pre-marinated and are eaten with rice instead of lettuce. In Samgyeopsal, meats are wrapped in lettuce leaves together with kimchi, garlic clove, soybean paste, etc. and then eaten like a burrito. While in Yakiniku, grilled meats are first dipped into various dipping sauces and then eaten using chopsticks. Service What can I say, almost everything was ready upon arriving at the restaurant. And it took only less than 10 minutes to complete the set! The crew were prompt in refilling the dishes. They are also attentive to our requests like for example we wanted to add lettuce or we requested for extra plates. Ambiance The restaurant is located inside a food park (Kamuning Food Trip) so we need to expect limited space. There’s no air-conditioning inside the food park but it’s fine since they are only open during evening. There are no exhaust tubes for the grillers due to food park restrictions. Primera Restobar used to offer live band and comedy shows in their previous location (they transferred from Congressional to Kamuning) but they currently cannot host such events anymore due to food park restrictions, even Karaoke is not allowed. Location Situated just along the main road (Kamuning), the restaurant is easy to locate. Just search for Kamuning Food Trip and you’ll instantly see the restaurant inside. Address: #48 Kamuning Road, Quezon City (Waze/Grab/Uber: Kamuning Food Trip) Contact Details For more inquiries and reservations, you may reach them thru the contact details below: Mobile Number: 0927-897-5790 / 0919-575-1144 Social Media Accounts: Facebook Page: Primera Restobar Instagram: @primerarestobar Other Important Information Operating Hours: 6PM to 2AM (Tue-Sun) Time Limit: 299 & 349 Package: 2hrs 399 & 499 Package: 3hrs Rules: Left over charge: PHP 100/head No Take Out No Sharing Same order policy (except for food restrictions or religion) Everything will be served on first refill, you can choose specific dishes to be refilled on the next refill Marinate your own. They have marinating sauces on the buffet table. How I’d rate this resto Acknowledgement Thank you Ms. Cha of Primera Restobar for inviting us! Disclaimer: While our meals were courtesy of the owners, all opinions expressed in this post are my own honest thoughts and are not influenced or controlled by anyone. Related