Stella Maris Beach Resort | Camping Haven in Bagac Bataan — How She Wanders
Due to its close proximity to Manila, Bataan has become one of the go-to places whenever people crave for a quick escape from the busy city life. There are lots of beach resorts lined up in this west coastal part of Luzon, but there’s one beach resort that’s unique among others. I mean they all have unique features but this resort that I’m pertaining to has a natural attribute that you’ll not find in any other resorts in Bataan. When you think of a beach scene, you basically see clusters of coconut palm trees creating a complete tropical beach vibe. But what if Pine trees (Agoho) are present instead of coconuts? Hmmm.. Let’s see 😉 This is what made Stella Maris Beach Resort stand out. It’s quite an unusual sight as we commonly associate pine trees with cooler places like Baguio and Tagaytay. It’s like putting a little taste of Baguio on the sea-side, which gives a surprising mountain ambiance to the beach landscape. Beaches like this can also be found in Zambales area. It actually looks like a “huge” version of Anawangin, and a little smaller and under-developed version of Crystal Beach Resort, both in Zambales. We went here last summer on a Friday to make sure that we get to enjoy the tranquility of the place before it gets crowded. Weekenders started arriving on Saturday morning, little by little. Noon time came and the resort officially became really crowded, just in time when we left the place. The place is a bit hard to reach though. The road going to the resort is rough. But the struggle was all worth it once you reach the place. Indeed, difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. What I also liked is that the whole resort is beach-front. Whether you’re at the camp site or even at the entrance, you’ll see the ocean view. Maybe because the place is under-developed, no establishments obstructing the beach view. Having no fancy facilities made it even more attractive, it’s just you and nature. 👍 PROS: ▪️The beach is wide and clean ▪️Kid-friendly. The sea floor slopes down very gently and the water is crystal clear! ▪️Sands are smooth and barefoot friendly ▪️Great for camping. Camp site is huge and shaded by lots of trees ▪️The resort is big so it doesn’t feel crowded even when packed with people ▪️IG worthy especially the Agoho trees! ▪️Budget-friendly. 100 php Entrance fee good for 24 hours is so sulit! ▪️Pet-friendly ▪️Resort staff are kind and approachable ▪️Mobile network signal is available for Smart and Globe (although for me this is not really a big deal) 👎 CONS: ▪️The road going to the resort is rough. ▪️Not all shower/comfort rooms are functioning. ▪️No restaurant/eatery/stores available. So you need to bring all your supplies before going there. ▪️There are some parts of the shoreline that are messy, though I’m not sure if those are still within the resort area because it’s quite far already. Breakdown of Expenses Kubo Closed (good for 4pax) = 2,000 Camp Site Fee = 100/tent = 200 for 2 tents (we brought our own tents) Entrance Fee = 100/pax = 900 for 9pax TOTAL = 3,100 for 9pax (food and transpo not included) Gas&Toll = 1,700 Food = 1,750 (approx) RATES/FEES: ▪️Entrance Fee = 100/pax (both daytrip & overnight) ▪️Picnic Tables = P200/day ▪️Open Bench = P400/day ▪️Seaside Picnic Tables = P400/day ▪️Camp Site Fee = P500/day (Good for 4 tents) ▪️Open Cottage Small (10pax) = P1,000/day ▪️Open Cottage Big (15pax) = P1,500/day ▪️Kubo Closed (4-5pax) = P2,000/day ▪️Villa (10pax on beds, 10 on floor) = P3,500/day ▪️White House (6pax on beds, 10 on floor) = P5,000/day ▪️Pavilion (50 to 100 pax) = P5,000/day ▪️Tent rental: Good for 3pax = P200/day Good for 4pax = P300/day Good for 6pax = P500/day Good for 8pax = P700/day ▪️Children below 5 years of age are free of charge Contact Details Mobile number: 09205507360 Facebook Page: Stella Maris Beach Resort More photos for inspiration! Related