Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds
Another personal development book … but this one comes at you like a freight train in the night (as a Navy Seal would do, I guess). It’s uncomfortable to listen to in places as Goggins goes into excruciating details of how he basically pushed himself beyond his limits to overcome his limitations and crush his goals. It’s a fascinating life story, and the 10 challenges laid out in the book help steer you through your own awakening, identify your own limitations and crush your own life goals. Your goals don’t have to be physical, and they can be small or large, but the process works. The more you read personal development books, the more you will recognise the same traits that separate high achievers from everybody else. And that’s what’s great about this book – it gives a new angle on the methodology to help you become great, and offers alternative tools to help you achieve it. You might not be a spirit junkie so these “field-ops” tools may be just what you need. Cookie-Jars and Taking Souls are two examples, but you’ll also find journaling, scheduling and going the extra 10% in here. Read it. Use what works for you. Move on up.