Under Armour says its ridiculously expensive pajamas will help athletes sleep better - Healthy Joints & Skin
LAS VEGAS — Can high tech pajamas help you sleep better? Under Armour thinks so. The sportswear company unveiled a new line of "sleepwear" at CES that it says will help athletes feel better when they wake up in the morning. Those benefits won't come cheap, however. The so-called Athlete Recovery Sleepwear starts at $80 per piece. SEE ALSO: CES' biggest event so far was everything people hate about tech At first glance, the PJs looks like average — if silky smooth — sleep clothes. What makes them special (and worth the big price tag, according to Under Armour), is the special pattern woven onto the inside of the pajamas. Read more...More about Health And Fitness, Under Armour, Lifestyle, Ces, and Ces 2017