Update Cracked FTB ( Feed The Beast ) Launcher 1.4.8 Offline mod
About FTB Launcher 1.4.8 The Cracked FTB Launcher 1.4.8, Fix offline mod since so buggy , now work much better, multiple minor modpack and modpackloader tweaks and Launcher startup is now faster especially if user has added multiple private pack codes check changelog for more details... Changelog FTB Launcher 1.4.8,: 1.4.8 * fixed: Ignore hamachi interfaces for hardware based UUID + added: Log pids of launcher and MC process + added: Log exit value of MC process * changed: warning/error dialogs at launcher startup are persistent and without ignore buttons * Users should fix their environment rather than ignore dialog/problem * --disable-bitness-checks, --disable-installation-location-checks and --disable-jvm-version-checks can be used to disable dialogs + added: command line argument --disable-mc-logging * might be useful if launcher use too much memory. MC process does its own logs if needed * updated: java links + added: button in console and