Cracked ATLauncher
ATLauncher Changelog - Fix create server button being available when it shouldn't - Log which pack/version is being launched when a user launches an instance - When a download fails and a progress bar is shown, add those bytes done to the total so not to overflow the progress - Fix NPE when a user has no skin on their account - Let downloads use non user selectable servers and set libraries to download from multiple servers if it fails - When clearing tried servers, set the users download server back to original - Change the way filesizes for mod downloads are retrieved - Fix issue with themes with invalid font's causing halts - Change themes to use zip files for more control. Existing themes will no longer work - New logging system, logs are now stored in baseDir/Logs/ with an option to only keep X days worth (defaults to 7) - Add in Log Clearer tool to remove all logs - Enter button now edits/adds an account in the Account tab - Add in build versioning for beta