Be very careful what you click | The Grumpy Old Techie
No, this not about clicking on silly click bait articles. Against everything I know, I decided to quickly make a few changes and clean up the file stores on a vmware cluster. I was thinking maybe an hour or so tops and I can enjoy the rest of my Saturday. Using vmotion I moved a few virtual machines around to try balance everything nicely on the storage. Vmotion often leaves old directories lying around, so I decided to delete them to prevent confusion and keep things tidy for a change. The experienced sysadmins among you already know what's coming. I opened the datastore browser for vmstore1 and right clicked on the menu to delete directory proxy1 because the proxy1 virtual machine now lives on vmstore2. Suddenly I see a pop-up "Cannot delete file mail-flat.vmdk". What? Yes! I clicked mail instead of proxy1 and when the system asked me I said yes I do want to delete it. All the mail virtual machine's file were gone except the virtual disk. No more virtual machine config or anything