More About Batteries | The Grumpy Old Techie
It has been ages since I wrote anything on this blog, mostly due to too much procrastination. In 2009 I wrote Battery Centre needs the Battery University. The amount of hits this post gets is way more than anything else on the blog. Most of us deal with re-chargeable batteries every day so I though I will do my bi-yearly post again on batteries. One would think you can google easily for battery technologies but a search for "rechargeable batteries" using startpage that anonymizes google searches gives besides wikipedia only sites that sell batteries. So here are a few useful links to technical info on battery technologies: My favourite - Battery University Victron manufactures high quality backup power equipment. To learn all that you will ever need to know about lead acid batteries download the book "Energy Unlimited" at Victron - General Technical Information Most people own mobile phones nowadays and if you can read this chances are that you own a notebook computer or tablet.