Wordpress does LaTeX | The Grumpy Old Techie
While I was setting up another wordpress site today, I found out to my great surprise that Wordpress can actually do $latex \LaTeX&bg=eff6ef$ markup by simply installing the jetpack plugin. For those that don't know, $latex \LaTeX&bg=eeeeee$ is a computer typesetting system that really shines for difficult typesetting problems like mathematical formulas and scientific text. For more detail see What are $latex \TeX&bg=eff6ef$ $latex \LaTeX&bg=eff6ef$ and friends It is now possible to do nicely formated formulas directly in Wordpress, like: $latex f(x) = \sin x &bg=eff6ef$ or $latex f(x) = \sum_{i=0}^\infty (-1)^i \frac{x^{2i+1}}{(2i+1)!} &bg=eff6ef&S=2$ or $latex U=N\Biggl[ \frac{3kT}{2} + \frac{(\epsilon_{eI2}-\epsilon_{eI1}) \frac{\Omega_2}{\Omega_1} \frac{\epsilon_{eI2} - \epsilon_{eI1}}{kT}}{ 1+ \frac{\Omega_2}{\Omega_1} \frac{\epsilon_{eI2} - \epsilon_{eI1}}{kT}} \Biggr] &bg=eff6ef&S=3$ The plugin simply takes the $latex \LaTeX&bg=eff6ef$ markup and generates a graphic