Running those legacy apps | The Grumpy Old Techie
Yesterday Andrew McGill posted the message below on the Gauteng Linux User Group mailing list. Because he is not blogging I'm doing it for him. What he is describing is one of the biggest frustrations people have with so called new and improved software. Andrew is a very competent sysadmin and if he is battling what is Eric Raymond's poor Aunt Tilly doing with this lot. The problem however is that very often the pretty so called WYSIWYG software simply refuses to give you what you want but that 20 year old program produces perfect results even if it doesn't provide you with pretty pictures and dancing girls when you enter the data. Besides text processing I see rants about these problems very often in discussions about genealogy programs. Very often the new stuff simply do not match the convenience and ease of use of the older trusted programs. Microsoft created the expectation of backward binary compatibility which made software vendors lazy and users could become set in their ways.