How To Create Herbal Tea Blends Using A Tea Blending Triangle: A Mini Course | Growing Up Herbal
How To Create Your Own Herbal Tea Blends Using A Tea Blending Triangle is a mini-course designed to teach you how to create your own medicinal herbal tea blends using a tea blending triangle. There’s more to creating an effective herbal blend than tossing a bunch of herbs together, you know! One of the easiest herbal preparations to begin using is herbal teas. You can start out by making single herb teas, but eventually, you’re going to want to learn how to formulate herbal tea blends to meet your needs. But which herbs do you combine together? Do you just throw a bunch of herbs together that all do the same thing or is there a formula to creating blends? I’m here to share what I’ve learned about formulating herbs to create medicinal tea blends using a tool called a “tea blending triangle.” This blending formula is simple and easy to follow. It’s perfect for herbalists who want to dabble in creating their own unique herbal blends. The information in this course is geared toward those who are somewhat familiar with herbs and have a basic knowledge about herbal actions and herbal energetics. Don’t worry, though! You don’t have to be an expert in these areas! If you have access to a good herbal materia medica that details each herb’s action and energetic qualities, you will be all set. This is my favorite online herbal materia medica. I use it all the time! In This Mini-Course, You Will Learn… - what an “herbal tea” actually is - the 4 questions you need to ask yourself BEFORE creating an herbal tea blend - how to use a tea blending triangle to create your herbal tea blends (and formulas for other herbal preparations as well) - how to find herbs with the “actions” you’re looking for - 4 examples of herbal teas created using the tea blending triangle All you need is the Adobe Acrobat reader (or any PDF reader) to read this guide which you can download for free here.