Tillig 66837 Switching decoder SD1
Uhlenbrock Solenoid and Switch decoder can operate in Motorola digital layouts (from Uhlenbrock and Marklin) and in DCC digital layouts (from Uhlenbrock Lenz Arnold LGB and Roco). For the first time the programming of the address in a Motorola format is as simple as it has up to now only been in DCC systems. The building block remembers the ‘listening’ format for key pair for which it has been setup. The cumbersome encoding of addresses is now superfluous. The Uhlenbrock Magnetic solenoid and switch decoder can use all addresses that the various controllers can assign. Intellibox und IB-Switch can use addresses 1 to 320 in Motorola format and addresses 1 to 2040 in DCC format. With keyboards from other manufacturers address range 1 to 256 in Motorola format and in DCC format between 1 and 2040.