6. Contemporary Climate Change
6.1. I troductio The last chapter exami ed episodes of past (palaeo) climate cha ge reco structed from proxy i dicators. Si ce the late seve tee th ce tury, a d more commo ly si ce the i etee th ce tury, i strume tal records (sectio 3.2) have bee kept that docume t more rece t climate cha ges. Typically, this is labelled the study of co temporary climate cha ge a d it will be the focus of this last chapter. I particular, it will review the evide ce for a thropoge ic warmi g duri g the twe tieth ce tury, a d possible future climate cha ge. The umerous scie tific assessme ts from the I tergover me tal Pa el o Climate Cha ge (e.g. IPCC, 1990a, 1990b, 1992, 1995) provide excelle t refere ce material for those wishi g to study co [...]